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No matter the season, no matter where on this great earth you are, blue is the ultimate transitional colour. It's your best mate on a relaxed summer's day. It's your secret weapon when things get a little more serious. It is whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.
Boulder Opal is unique to western Queensland, Australia.  It is found attached to a host rock of ironstone, and occurs in deposits in weathered sedimentary Cretaceous rocks. The 'Boulder Opal' Raw Silk jacket is an opulent mix of the cool tones of the opal gemstone, using the blues, purples and...
Be the wizard behind the curtain and create the magic. Dive deep into the vortex and take the world on an adventure. Revel in your mastery of the mystery.  The 'Mystery Machine' long-sleeve shirt uses a high-quality cotton & silk blend tailored in an intermediate Joe Bananas fit for a relaxed yet...
Linen, Silk & Viscose Blend Blue Denim Linen Jacket  Fabric #: 1488
Silk Twill Steel Blue Silk Twill Jacket 1340 Fabric #: 1340
100% Silk Art Series 1377 Jacket
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Kelps are large seaweeds that grow in "underwater forests" in shallow oceans, with high production, biodiversity and ecological function. They are thought to have appeared in the Miocene 23 to 5 million years ago and continue to play an integral part in the health of the marine ecological system. Drawing inspiration from this ancient lifeblood of our seas, the 'Kelp Forest' Raw...
Ever been on the phone to someone and all of a sudden there's interference on the line, and it's as though they're speaking gobbledeegook under the ocean? Well, we know what the cause is: Underwater Aliens communicating via the cosmos.  Ponder that for a moment whilst you absorb the mesmerising...
The Joe Bananas not-so-plain-colour Shorts are perfect for a summer's day.  Drying three times faster than a conventional cotton short - these are the ideal beach to bar short. Vibrant in colour and offering comfort galore. 50% Cotton, 48% Nylon, 2% Spandex
The Ghost Gum is an evergreen tree that is native to Australia, with white to cream bark - thus its ghostly appearance against the Australian landscape. The Ghost Gum occurs in a wide range of environments from humid coastal regions to arid lands up to 1000 km inland. The 'Ghost Gum' Raw Silk...
Charcoal is a substance of many uses: from medicinal, to art, to culinary. It is a naturally occurring residue usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen. The 'Navy Charcoal Paperbark' Raw Silk Jacket is more refined than its namesake, but it...
Sky Blue Polo Shirt 100% double knit cotton
Navy Polo Shirt 100% double knit cotton
'Baby, you were always gonna be the one' - The Choir Boys Ready to escape to banana paradise?  Well, get your skates on and get ready to run. Run to Paradise.These tropical Joe Bananas shorts use a triple-spun cotton over an elastane core, which gives the shorts a little stretch making them incredibly comfortable...
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Silk Twill Steel Blue Silk Twill Jacket 1478 Fabric #: 1478
The sitar should never be confused for a guitar - just like Spiderman should never be confused for Luke Skywalker. Different beasts deserve different treats. What? Exactly.  The 'Sitar' long-sleeve shirt uses a high-quality cotton tailored in an intermediate Joe Bananas fit for a relaxed yet tailored look. The fabric has a soft touch...
A fun and interesting print which will help you strike that balance between casual and stylish. Joe has used a quality cotton with this print in a classic, slim simple Joe Bananas cut. The fabric has a soft touch on the skin and is very easy to look after. This...
Welcome to the jungle of Fantasy Island, my friend - this puppy was built for rock n' roll.  The 'Avatar' long-sleeve shirt uses a high-quality silk tailored in an intermediate Joe Bananas fit for a relaxed yet tailored look. The fabric has an incredibly soft touch upon the skin and is...
Part of Joe Bananas classic cotton t-shirt collection. With a classic and simple Joe Bananas cut, this t-shirt has a crew neck and mid-length sleeves. We have used a quality double knit cotton to ensure that these t-shirts are not one year wonders. They will become the staple of your...
Dream of being a space explorer?  An astronaut here on earth? Easy done in 'The 'DeGrasse Tyson' Shorts.These starship Joe Bananas shorts use a triple-spun cotton over an elastane core, which gives the shorts a little stretch making them incredibly comfortable to wear. The fabric is both light, hardwearing, and soft to the...
Three times lighter than a standard chino on the market. This super lightweight triple spun luxe cotton over an elastine core allows epic comfort whilst maintaining a paperweight chino. Lightweight cotton ensures maximum breathability for any active man. Great on the golf course or just lazying around. 
100% Linen Silk Lining Aquamans Trousers Fabric # 1360


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