Gift & Styling Experiences

Every now and then there comes a person or occasion that is seemingly impossible to buy a gift for. No matter how much you trawl the far reaches of your cranium, inspiration evades you. Well, have no fear - Joe Bananas is here! Gift Card: You know the recipient would love a gift from the Banana Emporium but you're not at all certain where to start. A Joe Bananas Gift Card is the perfect kick-starter to send them on their Banana journey, as well as fast-tracking you to becoming their new favourite person.  Valued from $100.00 - the choice is yours. Gift Experience: A Joe Bananas Gift Experience takes out the guessing factor from your gift choice. You know the recipient would love a Joe Bananas jacket, but you're not certain which one - or perhaps they'd love a great new shirt or a suit for a special occasion - whatever the choice, a Joe Bananas Gift Experience will ensure you always get it right. Similar to a Gift Card, it will act as a kick-starter towards their dream item.Gift of a Jacket valued from $1,200.00Gift of a Shirt valued from $250.00Gift of a Suit valued from $2,600.00Styling Experience: A Joe Bananas Styling Experience is the next level gift. Particularly suited for those like to be a part of the action - and even more suited to those who don't. The Joe Bananas Styling Experience includes a private in-store fitting and style consultation with the designer at either of our stores in the QVB or The Rocks, and complimentary drinks. This gift experience is inclusive of the voucher face value, which can be used towards the purchase of a Joe Bananas item or outfit.