Diamond Python (Morelia spilota) is a subspecies of Carpet Python. It is a medium to large snake, found in coastal areas and adjacent ranges of south-eastern Australia. They are quite variable in colour and pattern, typically being predominantly dark olive to black in colour. Along the body and tail are numerous clusters of yellow or cream scales that form 'rosettes' that look a bit like diamonds (hence their common name). 

Whilst the 'Diamond Python' Raw Silk Jacket may look unassuming, its pattern echoes the scales and movement of this magnificent snake. Soft tan, cream and black silk are woven in a modern check to create this distinguished textile.
In the Banana world, the concept of danger and precious jewels will always be winning combination - particularly when worn as a striking jacket such as this.

100% Handwoven Raw Silk Jacket

'Diamond Python'

Fabric #: 1429



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