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'Jump Cannon' Art Series


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Whilst Joe Bananas is most famous for finding inspiration in nature here on earth, for the Art Series, we also look to the celestial universe for its infinite illumination. We revere astronomy as one of the oldest natural sciences and the one which weaves a common thread between all of our human history’s vast civilisations as we have all gazed into the night sky to question and look for answers.

The Jump Cannon Art Series Jacket is our salute to the ground-breaking contributions to astronomy made by Annie Jump Cannon, who is credited, alongside Edward Pickering with the creation of the Harvard Classification Scheme, which was the first serious attempt to organise and classify starts based on their spectral types as an indication of their temperature and age. This incredible woman was almost completely deaf throughout life, yet she was a forthright suffragist and member of the US National Women’s Party.  

100% Fine Silk

‘Jump Cannon’ Art Series

Fabric#: 1508

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All of our garments are hand cut and will have a small natural variance in size (+/-0.5")

We intend to make these to measure in most cases, so we will contact you for your measurements after purchase. These measurements are based on garments, not your body. Please measure your favourite shirt and compare to pick your closest size.

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