Whilst Joe Bananas is most famous for finding inspiration in nature here on earth, for the Art Series, we also look to the celestial universe for its infinite illumination. We revere astronomy as one of the oldest natural sciences and the one which weaves a common thread between all of our human history’s vast civilisations as we have all gazed into the night sky to question and look for answers.

The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant in the constellation of Taurus. The astronomer William Parsons observed it in 1840 using a 36” telescope and from his impression, drew a crab-shaped form. It corresponds to a 1054 recording by Chinese astronomers and 13th Century phenomena recorded by Japanese astronomers. Now, when photographed through the modern Liverpool Telescope, the Crab Nebula possesses the very colour spectrum of blues, purples, magentas and reds which feature on this jacket. ‘Crab’ only by name, this jacket truly echoes the supernova which inspired it.

100% Fine Silk

‘Crab Nebula’ Art Series

Fabric#: 1511



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