Serpentine is a gem-quality hydrated magnesium silicate, usually green, yellowish-green, or brownish-green in colour. Its name is thought to be derived from its serpent-like green colours.

Serpentine, also known as New Jade, derives its name from the Latin word serpentis meaning snake like referring to the resemblance these green stones have to snake skin. This stone was used by the Romans to protect them from sorcery and was believed to protect against parasites, snakebite, venom and poison.

Whilst we cannot guarantee the ‘Serpentine Stone’ Raw Silk Jacket will provide you with anti-venom, it will bestow upon you some mystical powers. 
The intricate detail of the plain weave expertly balances black, cream, sapphire blue and jade green silk to create this jacket with a subtle yet distinct difference. It will certainly bring the sorcery to every occasion.

100% Handwoven Raw Silk

'Serpentine Stone'

Fabric #: 1549



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